New website

Sometime after my 2007 end Namdapha trip, I stopped updating my website. The old system was not scalable, was too dependent on linux-gimp-php-apache-mysql-imagemagick workflow. So after keeping it stagnant for more than a year, I finally got down to re-writing the website. The new system is not platform specific and the whole thing works more of less on exif information. I have also moved to Adobe Lightroom on my machine to tag/manage my photographs though I still do most of my post-process in combination of Capture NX, Photoshop and Gimp. In the process, I managed to clean up my 5…

Leopard and Cub

I had one of the most amazing leopard encounters last week. Here’s what happened : We were driving on the Bandipur-Mudhumalai highway at around 5:30 in the evening and as usual I was scanning around on either side of the road for any interesting wildlife. As we passed by a stationary car full of family, I wondered if they were looking at anything. So I slowed down and scanned on the right side of the road and Bingo.. I suddenly see something move parallel to the road and it was a leopard. I pulled my camera out and started clicking…

Keyspan presentation remote

If you find yourself giving presentations often (or even doing photo slideshows), I strongly suggest you get one of these. I used an earlier version of this for the foss.in keynote and totally fell in love with it. Later the foss.in team gifted me this new model and I have been addicted to it since then. It has a nice toggle button to move through your slides, dedicated buttons to change the volume, a Thinkpad style trackpoint which can be used to control the mouse and of course a very useful laser pointer. Best of all, the USB fits right…

Office Space

Sometimes I actually miss going to an office. Waking up and getting ready to head out. Having colleagues to chat with. Of course I only feel this when I am in Bangalore. But only sometimes.


Once every few years, I think everyone needs to reboot their lives. The last time it happened to me was in 1998 when I was still in college and looks like the next one was in 2008. Last year has been one big roller-coaster ride on all fronts : Career, work, finances, friends, family and most of all people who are really close to you. This was the year when I had to step back and re-look at everything. Everything that I did, everything that I was doing and most of all, all the things that I want to do,…

New Band.. new Music

The music that noelladsa and her friends have been working on the last few months is finally out . Check it out here and also notice the Kickass band lineup. Waiting for the band to take off… and also you can have a chance to name the band.

Mumbai Terror Attack

I guess this is being equated to Indian version of 9/11. My heart goes to all the people in those hotels right now. I hope they can all come out safe. Meanwhile, move along people Stay strong and do-not-over-react. Kindly do not react to this the way US reacted to 9/11. Do not think you are unsafe anymore ? More people in India die because of faulty TV sets than terror attacks. Have the terrorists won ? They will if we react the way US has and give up our freedoms and our normal way of life. In tough economic…


Thanks to the Nokia E71 + GPRS + Twitter, I’m Live-tweeting from Gir as there is good mobile coverage throughout the park. Next todo : Make the Nikon wifi transmitter to work with the E71 to transmit high-res pics as I shoot. Also does anyone know, if there is a symbian app that can send my GPS coordinates out every few min automatically that I could use to show live position on gmaps ?

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