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Sometime after my 2007 end Namdapha trip, I stopped updating my website. The old system was not scalable, was too dependent on linux-gimp-php-apache-mysql-imagemagick workflow. So after keeping it stagnant for more than a year, I finally got down to re-writing the website.

The new system is not platform specific and the whole thing works more of less on exif information. I have also moved to Adobe Lightroom on my machine to tag/manage my photographs though I still do most of my post-process in combination of Capture NX, Photoshop and Gimp. In the process, I managed to clean up my 5 years worth of wildlife photographs. It took more than 2 months, but was worth the hard work as now I feel I have control of my photographs again.

I have updated my new website with photos till end of 2007. But in the next few days and weeks, I will upload few hundreds of photographs from 2008 and all the fresh ones from this year.

So do go check it out and do let me know if you encounter any bugs or have any feedback.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    New website :)

    You do the best work again and again!!

    Keep those beautiful images coming! :)

  2. Anonymous says:


    A little tree frog led me to your site :) I saw one in my garden and I was searching to see if I’d got the name right online, when I came upon your site. May I say your pictures look fantastic- more so because I love animals a great deal. Really nice work :)

  3. nome says:

    HTML code showing up


    Most likely a typo or missing closing tag some where in the script.

    BTW, I liked some of your photos. Is it okay to ask you for high res ones. I would like to use it as my desktop background?


  4. pari_1 says:


    nice site :) . getting back to lj

  5. pari_1 says:

    Tat was parimala ,as i said new accnt

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hey Kalyan

    Somehow stumbled across your blog and photos – awesome stuff. Keep up the good work! I’ll also follow your adventures via twitter!


    (and fascinated with anything Indian!)

  7. admin says:

    Re: HTML code showing up

    Sorry about the late reply. Thanks for the comments. I partly fixed it and will fix it fully soon :) It comes comes in this image as there is some html in the comments of the image.

    Let me know which images you like and I can upload the high-res of those

  8. sujit says:

    The improved new site is very good, one thing i would like to mention to make it more user friendly is while watching the pictures to check the foot notes then to go to the next picture instead of pressing the next button if it could be done by using the right or left arrows on the key board for navigation it could be much better in my opinion. Everything can be done without the use of mouse. This is a mainly in the perspective of laptop users. Thanks for presenting such an appealing & knowledgeable site .


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