Kalyan Varma

foss.in/2008 Kicks-off

Atul Chitnis doing the intro for the 5-day foss.in

The event kicks-off with the usual candle lighting

6 Responses to “foss.in/2008 Kicks-off”

  1. vaibhav says:

    Can thy blesseth us unfortunate souls with more pics please. :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Atul Chitnis

    That atul chitnis pic looks like he is acting in a play or something ( that badge looks a little weird for that though) :P

  3. achitnis says:

    Re: Atul Chitnis

    Kallu loves catching people in weird poses. He must have deliberately waited for that one! :)

    I have seen him force people jump around like kangaroos before he shoots them!

  4. F^&%, I know famous people! :-)

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