Mumbai Terror Attack

I guess this is being equated to Indian version of 9/11. My heart goes to all the people in those hotels right now. I hope they can all come out safe.

Meanwhile, move along people Stay strong and do-not-over-react. Kindly do not react to this the way US reacted to 9/11.

Do not think you are unsafe anymore ? More people in India die because of faulty TV sets than terror attacks.
Have the terrorists won ? They will if we react the way US has and give up our freedoms and our normal way of life.

In tough economic and global times like this, we will win only if we move on with our lives and keep this behind. This is how we fight terror, not overreacting to this, not invading countries and giving up our freedom. Bad enough the security guards check my car and bags each time I enter a mall or hotel here in Bangalore, I do not want to give up any more of my freedom.

and someone please shut up Barkha Dutt of NDTV. She is causing more damage to the country by FUD than the terrorists themselves.


  1. Anonymous · November 27, 2008 Reply

    Re: Great !!

    “CRY A RIVER ??” If our forefathers also have thought the same way we would have surely enjoyed the “freedom” that we have now.

  2. kalyanv · November 27, 2008 Reply

    Barkha Dutt is crazy

    “and someone please shut up Barkha Dutt of NDTV. She is causing more damage to the country by FUD than the terrorists themselves.” Well said Kalyan.
    I watched her coverage through one of the news feeds in US and she is making up shit nonstop. She is like CNN’s Nancy Grace’s kid sister.

  3. Anonymous · November 28, 2008 Reply

    Re: mistaken impressions

    “…but what makes 911 so special again?”

    Good Grief dude. That’s just unacceptable language.

  4. Anonymous · November 28, 2008 Reply

    reaction to Mumbai terror attack

    I totally agree with Kalyan’s first four paragraphs. (I don’t know Barkha so I won’t comment on that.) There were people in the US who responded this way to 9/11. Unfortunately, officials and others quickly chose a different route to show that we were strong.

    Kalyan is correct to say that moving on with life is not what the terrorists want. They want response in fear. Strength is sometimes that ability to move on, allowing time for real investigation.

    While we all cry for the people who have been caught in this terror, rapid response feeds into the terrorist way of life. I hope that people everywhere can allow search and reflection for the true facts. Then when response is timely, thought also needs to be given to the message that reaction sends and the long term result of the reaction. Is it truly what is wanted for a way of life in the world?

  5. Anonymous · November 28, 2008 Reply

    Re: mistaken impressions

    really “what makes 911 so special” every terror incident is unfortunate and why are you comparing. Do you know the people in Darfur/Iraq/Somaia have to worry about food than having security check at malls.If one of those malls get blown away tomorrow again people will be blaming gov for not having security check . For me freedom is going to those malls and not to worry about any of recent incidents happening again because i can see police are there and checking everyone.Don’t worry about people moving along, they will. . Every time these kind of incidents we moved on unfortunately authorities also moved on . I don’t want them to move on, I want them take responsibility and having more security measures and give a hope to people around world that India is still a safe and beautiful place. Blasts around the country doesn’t make anyone feel safe

    I don’t think you were in NY during 9/11 and i don’t think you were ever have to worry about food than how do you know their pain. Sorry but pain is relative and you’ve no knowledge about what will be going through people affected in those incidents.

    I like you photography please stick to that than undermining some terror incident because you didn’t like what their gov did aftermath


  6. Anonymous · November 28, 2008 Reply

    Re: Disappointed

    If I were PM

    a. Have a national ATS with both investigating and strike powers. Administer it like RBI ie minimal political interference and professional management.
    b. A joint intelligence effort by the IB, RAW, Army and Navy. Stop the current bickering between agencies.
    c. Reform RAW without compromising its integrity. If necessary sent officers for training in Israel or US
    d. Acquire technology in areas of forensics and intelligence gathering and train people on it.
    e. Introduce Police reforms. The police needs to be better equipped and better trained. Introduce SWAT style squads.
    f. Step up the presence of security personnel. India is a large country but we can at least protect high profile places. Expand CRPF.
    g. Have better spy satellites.
    h. Do whatever is necessary to help the security forces infiltrate terrorist networks.
    i. Help the families of cops/army men etc who lost their lives. Let us be generous with the benefits. That is the least we can do.

  7. renderman47 · November 28, 2008 Reply

    Re: So you are now an anti-terrorism “expert”?

    I agree with the previous response. It was a bit over the top to tell Kalyan to stick to monkeys. He is atleast not being anonymous.

  8. Anonymous · November 28, 2008 Reply

    Burka Dutt: Reveals all!

    True yet again to bring up sensation and inflate NDTV’s profit in the share market. Burha Dutt does this again by revealing everything including the operational secrets acting as a terrorist herself. She did this in the Kargil War and was directly responsible for the death of 100’s of soldiers by revealing their identities and place, for this the Indian government awarded her the padmashri. Lets wait and see what the govt is going to award her this time. CNN -IBN is 1000 time much better in terms of responsibility and delivery of news.

  9. Anonymous · November 28, 2008 Reply

    Re: Burka Dutt: Reveals all!

    Minus the useless debate panels, I think IBNLive has done a pretty good job, bringing non-stop coverage of the events. But none of them gave the “birds eye view” of what happened. Times of India Friday 28th edition did a good job at that.

  10. Anonymous · November 28, 2008 Reply

    Aggravated Mumbaikar

    Where the hell is “sole guardian of all things Maharashtrian” Raj Thakeray? Why so quiet all of sudden? Can the MNS do anything constructive about the terror activities? All they seek to do is promote ugly divisive politics to further their agendas.

    Many talented, brave Indians lost their lives defending Mumbai. Raj, wake up and smell your hypocrisy. And if you can do something worthwhile with your goons, take up the security situation in Mumbai.

  11. yellareddy · November 28, 2008 Reply


    Problem is we don’t seem to learn from the old mistakes…..time and again…it happened and we see in TV and feel hurt…..and TV channels are very happy to show live feeds…..whats the use? after Bangalore,Gujarat etc….I am losing count now….this was on cards…and politicians relax….WOW…Guys no point having such people in power…..and yes after everything happened, no point to move on and see what can be done to save the next one.Step Up..make the right move.

  12. Anonymous · November 28, 2008 Reply

    Is terrorists motivated by Hindi Movie ‘Rang De Basanti’ ?

    India TV transcripts of the phone call with terrorists is more sanitised and seems more manipulative to force them to agree that they are from pakistan or pakistan behind them.

    Listen to your self. you will see different picture.

    there is more humanness in his emotions than the India TV Journalist who wants to extract information .

    If so , these terrorists seems to be influenced by Hindi Movie Rang De Basante. ?

    Though is all round propaganda going on westren media in US and India probably else where also , which is out of proportion to the death toll. Western Media depicts india as
    Incompetent so does its indian counterparts like Time Now and CNN IBN . India always had attacks where 100’s of people died. Why suddently Now ?.

    What is the story behind SUDDEN blanket coverage in western media and indian Movie.
    They did similar propaganda missions before the 911, Afghanistan, Iraq war, failed attempt on Iran.

  13. Anonymous · November 28, 2008 Reply

    Re: Barkha Dutt is crazy

    Think. We react emotionally to hypnotic effects of TV and their ‘SOUND BYTES’ , but not the TV figures of these channels. They look for ratings and owners of these channels wants more than that . Many instances they are not even Indians. These TV personalites like Arnab Goswami , Dutt from NDTV are ‘Useful Idiots’ for their Bosses in New York. In short These guys are Anti-Indians .

  14. rechristened · November 28, 2008 Reply

    Re: Is terrorists motivated by Hindi Movie ‘Rang De Basanti’ ?

    OMG! I do not understand how India TV always gets these scoops!!

  15. Anonymous · November 28, 2008 Reply

    Re: mistaken impressions

    harsha: Hear! Hear!

  16. Anonymous · November 28, 2008 Reply

    Re: Aggravated Mumbaikar

    Well said ! Sick Hypocrites they are,.

  17. usha123 · November 29, 2008 Reply

    and shut up arnab goswami and shut up rajdeep sardesai.

    i suppose what you are trying to say is not to over react, but to under react is also equally undesirable..

    the problem is that we have been moving along and will continue to move along….in this as in other things, we feel helpless (to change the situation) and move along..we need to demand change..we need to ask each of ourselves what we can do about this, we need to build up a spirit of community, we need to figure out how can we get action from the government, we need to vote, we need .to do whatever it takes..if at one level, what it takes is being frisked at the mall, so be it for the good of the larger community.

    there are Sandeep Unnikrishnan, who did exactly what he believed in..but while all of us cannot be him..there must be ways in which each of us can can do something..while we move along..

  18. Anonymous · November 30, 2008 Reply

    Am shockedby Kalyan’s comments

    I am really shocked by Kalyan’s comments that we should move on and leave this behind us!! Only insensitive people can talk like this. One cannot forget & should not forget this act by terrorist and the way politicians have messed up everything.

    As citizens, we should ask questions to the government and make them accountable. We should also fight together for withdrawing their security as these bunch of people do not deserve any security. Let them feel like common people on the streets. Actually they are not even common but below that also.

    Kalyan, pl become more alrest as a citizen before the terror knocks at your doorsteps as then you will have no one to turn to and if this is the way it continues, the doomsday is not far off.

    Barkha has done a fabulous job. Keep it up.

    Rajesh Kumar
    Citizen of India

  19. admin · December 1, 2008 Reply

    Re: Am shockedby Kalyan’s comments

    Kindly do not mis-read my comments. I am saying do not over-react and surrender your freedoms or wage a war against Pak for this. This is indeed a very tragic event and yes India will handle terrorist issues.

  20. Anonymous · December 1, 2008 Reply

    Media madness

    Totally agree with your opinion of shutting up Barkha Dutt. She asks inane questions and for that matter most of the jurnalists have done that this time. Came across this hilariously serious take on the attacks which rightly portray these journs.

  21. Anonymous · December 1, 2008 Reply

    Kind of agree

    I kind of agree to what you are saying.
    Over reacting, and reacting in haste is not solution.

  22. Anonymous · December 1, 2008 Reply

    Well your point on not over reacting is well taken, however, now since the siege is over the nation needs to react and infact over react!

    I hope you never have to be in such a position, wherein you loose a dear one because of an attack like this, but it is definitely wrong to be oblivious about what is happening around you. Agreed that the global economy is going through its own set of pressures, but this incident is not a small one. Over 180 people are killed which simply means that 180 families have been adversely affected.

    High time India wakes up and gets more pro-active than reactive. It would not be far that we could also be victims to this. So in order to get your true “FREEDOM”, it’s high time you start thinking about the country you are living in.

    I also beg to differ on the fact that Barkha Dutt needs to shut up! I’m glad she is able to bring out facts, which people might not want to hear. High time reacts before the terrorists finish India. We just might be the next targets. Plz don’t be so selfish.

  23. vaibhav · December 2, 2008 Reply

    Barkha Dutt

    For days, I had been watching NDTV live on their website before landing here in India. It looked like her throat would just explode before the end of her next sentence.

  24. Anonymous · December 3, 2008 Reply

    Re: Barkha Dutt

    She is hopeless.

  25. mssnlayam · December 6, 2008 Reply

    Re: Significant Emotions

    I have some similar thoughts as well, that I would like to share with you:

    We should avoid knee-jerk reactions that will make things worse.

  26. yashwanth · December 6, 2008 Reply

    Mumbai Terror Attack

    –and someone please shut up Barkha Dutt of NDTV. She is causing more damage to the country by FUD than the terrorists themselves.

    Looks like you are getting your chance to do that…

  27. Anonymous · December 9, 2008 Reply

    Barkha Dutt and other channels

    I totally agree your opinion about Barkha Dutt. Goverment should take back Padma Shri award from her and all other electronic media persons.
    Anyways please visit this small website developed by musician Vishal Dadlani. (Vishal-Shekhar)
    He has filed petition to the High Court in Mumbai for stopping direct telecast of such events.

  28. Anonymous · December 13, 2008 Reply

    Kids for Mumbai


    I am a third grade student from Maryland, USA. I recently launched a website/blog ( in order to raise funds to help kids and families of the victims of the Mumbai attack. Please visit and join hands. I will also appreciate your help in spreading the words.

    Thank You!

  29. Anonymous · December 14, 2008 Reply

    I strongly object to the way you have written about barkhs dutt and aiam not from media fraternity by the way, the media have played their roll and because of them we came to know about all people who laid their lives for others.Imagine if there is no media coverage we couldnot have known what was really happening, I accept that there were some dramatic elements added to the stories, but ultimately they were once who brought people to one forum and they were once who have raised the mood of ordinary people against the politicians and current systems

  30. Anonymous · December 25, 2008 Reply

    Re: Not a single incident after 9/11 on US soil

    1) People dies because of Pak sponsored Islamic terrorism
    in Kashmir : 60,000+ and counting.
    (Remember that stats is only for Kashmir and does not include areas like north east)

    2) Number of Kashmiri pundits kicked out of Kashmir by
    Islamic terrorists : 400,000+.

    “Show the other cheek” principle of Gandhi will not work. Our response should be, as Arun Shourie says “2 eyes for a eye, the whole jaw for a tooth”.


  31. Anonymous · December 25, 2008 Reply

    Re: Not a single incident after 9/11 on US soil

    Oops..sorry for the typos!


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