Keyspan presentation remote

If you find yourself giving presentations often (or even doing photo slideshows), I strongly suggest you get one of these. I used an earlier version of this for the keynote and totally fell in love with it. Later the team gifted me this new model and I have been addicted to it since then.

It has a nice toggle button to move through your slides, dedicated buttons to change the volume, a Thinkpad style trackpoint which can be used to control the mouse and of course a very useful laser pointer. Best of all, the USB fits right behind the device, so you do not have to carry them separately. This device totally changed my lazy movie watching experience too.


  1. anoopts · February 3, 2009 Reply

    Wow.. a new device to hang out!!! Nice.. Thanks for the Info Kalyan.

    Hey dude whats up?? What are you upto these days.. No Blogs .. No Photos.. No activities.

  2. anomalizer · February 3, 2009 Reply

    Bloody expensive! But for the laser, I can program my old k600i to do everything else. And this programming is nothing but assigning keymaps using stuff Sony provides.

  3. achitnis · March 3, 2009 Reply

    Just saw this post,thought I’d add something:

    While we were selecting a remote for Kalyan, I ran through half a dozen presentation remotes available from various online shops in India. While there were cheaper ones available, I was really unhappy with all of them, and returned them. Really crappy quality, short range, zero features, and had-to-get batteries. I later bought the one we gave Kalyan from while I was in Germany.

    It is important to have a really comfortable and usable remote, because during a presentation, you can’t afford goofing up. The one I was using earlier was very comfortable, but had limited range and was really only a little more than a wireless mouse. *This* one that Kalyan got rocks (and I eventually ended up buying another one for myself), and it is only after you have tried several such remotes that you begin to realise the difference.

    The one killer feature this remote has that I can’t stress enough is that it uses ordinary AAA batteries that you can get in any shop. You will realise the value of this the first time you click on your first slide of your mega-keynote … and realise that your batteries are dead! 🙂

    BTW – Kalyan and I refer to our remotes as our lightsabres. 😉

  4. subodhs · March 4, 2009 Reply

    Use a Sony Mobile

    If your laptop has a bluetooth adapter, Sony Ericsson mobile is your best solution. Just pair it up and not just a powerpoint, you can even control your IE, Firefox, Windows Media player, Cursor as well as do powerpoint shows. 😉

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