Kalyan Varma


Thanks to the Nokia E71 + GPRS + Twitter, I’m Live-tweeting from Gir as there is good mobile coverage throughout the park.

Next todo : Make the Nikon wifi transmitter to work with the E71 to transmit high-res pics as I shoot. Also does anyone know, if there is a symbian app that can send my GPS coordinates out every few min automatically that I could use to show live position on gmaps ?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    awesome… following your tweets..

  2. Check
    1> MyWay Navigator for Nokia.
    2> http://www.mgmaps.com/

  3. admin says:

    Re: MOSH

    Thanks a ton. Some really amazing apps. Hope I will be able to put together something really soon.

  4. Anonymous says:

    MGMaps works for me.

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