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Office Space

Sometimes I actually miss going to an office. Waking up and getting ready to head out. Having colleagues to chat with. Of course I only feel this when I am in Bangalore.

But only sometimes.

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  1. Anonymous says:


    oh ask the people who go regularly I would give up anything to have the flexibility to work from home :)


  2. admin says:

    Re: Monika

    I still prefer my home over office any day. just that once in a while you feel lonely… or just want to step out to talk to people.. those things do not happen.

  3. deponti says:

    Well…the words “only sometimes”, explain why you will prefer to be independent!

  4. chitra says:

    the other side!

    I watched the “Natural World: The Mountain of the monsoon” on BBC here in the UK. I saw your name in the credits. What an experience it must have been.. filming that! .. great job!!! loved those ontikombu elephants and those purple frogs and ofcourse the leopard and the cat..

    Seriously,I bet the sometimes you’ve mentioned in this post implies very very rare times!
    Wishing you more of non-mundane days ahead!

  5. sriniram says:

    Re: the other side!

    Chitra, thanks for the title of the show, just finished watching it on the BBC website. Nicely done Kalyan!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Still waiting to see the video in US

    Hey Kalyan,
    I still waiting to see the video but unfortunately I am in US and was not to view the BBC channel from any proxy website.Please let me know where I can see the video .

    Ratish Naroor

  7. How nice it wud be to able to work at ur terms…and not worry abt all the people at work, the deadlines, etc…!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I miss getting dressed (as opposed to sitting in my jammies) – lol, but then I am a woman! ;)

  9. derherr says:

    We’re almost finalizing a space to work out of. Will let you know when we finalize!

  10. pari_1 says:

    was Just reading ur lj posts n having chapathi :) .thought of commenting here

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