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Once every few years, I think everyone needs to reboot their lives. The last time it happened to me was in 1998 when I was still in college and looks like the next one was in 2008. Last year has been one big roller-coaster ride on all fronts : Career, work, finances, friends, family and most of all people who are really close to you. This was the year when I had to step back and re-look at everything. Everything that I did, everything that I was doing and most of all, all the things that I want to do,…

New Band.. new Music

The music that noelladsa and her friends have been working on the last few months is finally out . Check it out here and also notice the Kickass band lineup. Waiting for the band to take off… and also you can have a chance to name the band.

Mumbai Terror Attack

I guess this is being equated to Indian version of 9/11. My heart goes to all the people in those hotels right now. I hope they can all come out safe. Meanwhile, move along people Stay strong and do-not-over-react. Kindly do not react to this the way US reacted to 9/11. Do not think you are unsafe anymore ? More people in India die because of faulty TV sets than terror attacks. Have the terrorists won ? They will if we react the way US has and give up our freedoms and our normal way of life. In tough economic…


Thanks to the Nokia E71 + GPRS + Twitter, I’m Live-tweeting from Gir as there is good mobile coverage throughout the park. Next todo : Make the Nikon wifi transmitter to work with the E71 to transmit high-res pics as I shoot. Also does anyone know, if there is a symbian app that can send my GPS coordinates out every few min automatically that I could use to show live position on gmaps ?

In and Out

I got back to Bangalore over the weekend, but after a quick pit-stop, I’m off to Gir in Gujarat, the only home to Asiatic lion in the world. We have our annual India Nature Watch get together over there and looking forward to meeting some fellow photographs as well as photographing the lions. Btw, there are few places opened up in the Wildlife and Conservation Photography Expedition as well as the next Digital Photography workshop which is scheduled for the first weekend of December. The expedition should be fun as there are a lot of new hotspots that have opened…

Extension of the Exhibition

By popular demand, Goodenough is extending the exhibition for few more days. Mostly till the Friday. I might not be in all the time, but will be in and out rest of the week. Do buzz me on 07876085594 if you are planning to come.

Exhibition Updates

The exhibition has been going on really well. The turnout on the opening evening was not as big as I had hoped, but later I found out it was because of the bad weather and a conflicting Rugby match. I think my talk went ok as there were enough questions at the end. People have been coming in large numbers since 10am today and even at 6pm, people were still coming in for the exhibit. If you are in London, do come for the exhibit soon as it closes tomorrow evening (tuesday) A BIG thank you again for the sponsors…

The best F1 race ever ?

I hope all the Formula 1 fans watched the race today. My heart stopped during the last 2 laps. Could this be the best and the closest race in the history of racing ? I’m go glad Lewis Hamilton won and more importantly McLaren won after all these years. I have seen this only in India with cricket matches, but today I saw crackers go up all over Bristol.

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