Leopard and Cub

I had one of the most amazing leopard encounters last week. Here’s what happened : We were driving on the Bandipur-Mudhumalai highway at around 5:30 in the evening and as usual I was scanning around on either side of the road for any interesting wildlife. As we passed by a stationary car full of family, I wondered if they were looking at anything. So I slowed down and scanned on the right side of the road and Bingo.. I suddenly see something move parallel to the road and it was a leopard. I pulled my camera out and started clicking…

Yahoo! Briefcase and CAPTCHA

Yahoo! has announced that it will discontinue Y! Briefcase service. Well it was about time as really never knew anyone who actually used this service. What Y! Briefcase did contribute to was a series of innovative abuse-prevention measures. When the service was launched, storage of any kind was very expensive and Yahoo Briefcase offered 30MB of free storage online. (Remember these were the days when your email capacity was few MB’s). It was frustrating when you had more than 30MB to store online and one had to buy a premium user accounts to store more. Some intelligent hackers decided to…

Keyspan presentation remote

If you find yourself giving presentations often (or even doing photo slideshows), I strongly suggest you get one of these. I used an earlier version of this for the foss.in keynote and totally fell in love with it. Later the foss.in team gifted me this new model and I have been addicted to it since then. It has a nice toggle button to move through your slides, dedicated buttons to change the volume, a Thinkpad style trackpoint which can be used to control the mouse and of course a very useful laser pointer. Best of all, the USB fits right…

Office Space

Sometimes I actually miss going to an office. Waking up and getting ready to head out. Having colleagues to chat with. Of course I only feel this when I am in Bangalore. But only sometimes.

Wildscreen India 2009

The famous Wildscreen film festival is being held in India in second week of Feb. There are lot of exciting wildlife films, master classes by some of the worlds best film makers and ofcourse its a great chance to meet and interact with people in wildlife film making community. Don’t forget to Register

Mountains of the Monsoon

The film that I worked on most of 2007 aired on BBC1 in UK on 16th Jan. If you are in UK, you can still watch it on the BBC iPlayer. More than 2.1 million viewers tuned in to the show it seems. The documentary will be aired during the Wildscreen India festival here in Bangalore. Stay tuned.


Once every few years, I think everyone needs to reboot their lives. The last time it happened to me was in 1998 when I was still in college and looks like the next one was in 2008. Last year has been one big roller-coaster ride on all fronts : Career, work, finances, friends, family and most of all people who are really close to you. This was the year when I had to step back and re-look at everything. Everything that I did, everything that I was doing and most of all, all the things that I want to do,…

New Band.. new Music

The music that noelladsa and her friends have been working on the last few months is finally out . Check it out here and also notice the Kickass band lineup. Waiting for the band to take off… and also you can have a chance to name the band.

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