Wet and Cold

The last few days have been tough. Tough not because we could not find what we wanted to film, but because it has been raining almost non-stop and because of the high altitudes, it has been bloody cold too. To make matters worse, our cameras froze up – both my still camera and the Sony XDCAM video camera. Both the cameras could not take the continuous 98% humidity, wetness, and I guess, partly the cold. Both of them are back in order now, but not up to their full capacity. We are going ahead, but these things slow you down quite a bit. The dirty and wet shoes, seats, shirts are not making things any easier.

We spent a few days in Munnar and then the last few days at Valparai. Paul has been diligent enough to post about our experiences in each of these places, so I will just link to his blog – Munnar, Munnar to Valparai and Valparai.

After this, we will head back to Bangalore for a day or so and then continue the second leg of our journey up along the Malabar Coast.


  1. JD · July 10, 2009 Reply

    I guess they need to make waterproof DSLRs.. Are there any?

    • Kalyan Varma · July 10, 2009 Reply

      Most DSLRs are more or less water proof. Its the humidity that is messing up the camera. My camera has taken hours of rain, few hundred splashes of water etc and it never gave any issue

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