At Wildscreen

I’ve been at Wildscreen Festival this whole week and last evening my long time dream came true. I finally met David Attenborough in person and even managed to show some of my photographs to him. Pretty much everyone related to wildlife in some way or the other is here and today is the last day of the festival. More soon …


  1. renderman47 · October 23, 2008 Reply

    Attenborough !!!

    I am sure its a great feeling to meet David Attenborough. What did you talk ? [:P]

  2. Anonymous · October 23, 2008 Reply

    Very impressive Kalyan! You met two of my idols – Jane Goodall and now Sir Attenborough. I do recollect Jane G asking you join her program. What was Attenbouroughs reaction to your photographs? I bet it was positive.

    I do recollect Attenborough making this comment few years ago in response to George W.
    “I don’t think whole populations are villainous, but Americans are just extraordinarily unaware of all kinds of things. If you live in the middle of that vast continent, with apparently everything your heart could wish for just because you were born there, then why worry? […] If people lose knowledge, sympathy and understanding of the natural world, they’re going to mistreat it and will not ask their politicians to care for it.”

    I wonder what his reaction would be to Miss Caribou Barbie’s theory of – “God hugging us closely” 🙂
    Sorry for going off topic but couldn’t help myself.

  3. Anonymous · October 23, 2008 Reply

    woww…………..David Attenborough????

    What did he tell about ur photographs? any comments…..?
    did u manage to get an autograph of him….????

  4. tariquesani · October 23, 2008 Reply


    +1 to “What did you talk ?” 🙂

  5. deponti · October 23, 2008 Reply

    Wooooooow….very happy for you and very proud of you too. Just waiting eagerly for more updates.

  6. Anonymous · October 23, 2008 Reply


    Cool…..I can recognise the mans voice even from deep sleep….can remember him from his “Life On Earth” days…..when I was a frigging kid!!

  7. Anonymous · October 24, 2008 Reply

    Can’t wait to hear more 🙂


  8. ashwin67 · October 25, 2008 Reply

    Wow.. David Attenborough!! One of the most insightful person I’ve ever seen on television. And you met him in real! amazing!

  9. Anonymous · October 25, 2008 Reply


    Lucky! to meet great Naturalist, Living Legend David Attenborough!!

  10. admin · October 26, 2008 Reply

    Re: Attenborough !!!

    Not much.. showed him some photographs and he was happy he could identify some of the animals 🙂

  11. admin · October 26, 2008 Reply

    It was really wonderful. His naturalist side kicked in and took it as a challenge to identify some of the birds and mammals that I was showing him

  12. admin · October 26, 2008 Reply

    Not much.. showed him some pics.. he took great joy in ID’ing them (and he was bang on).

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