The week long Wildscreen festival finally came to an end.

I got a chance to meet all the gods of wildlife photography and film making in the world. They were all there and it was an amazing chance to just meet them in person.

The festival is ofcourse is a great place to make lot of contacts and this means meeting people from National Geographic, BBC, Animal Planet etc. Even though I’m new to this world, it was still very exciting to meet them and exchange business cards. Will have to wait and see if that will translate to any projects.

Had a chance to talk to the film makers about how they do those amazing shots. From sharing notes, to getting the nuts and bolts about the latest gear. This was surely the highlight for me and some of the guys with the BBC are serious geeks.

Since many people asked, I got to spend few min with David Attenborough. He was only there for a day and since I had some prints of my photographs, I could show some of them to him. His naturalist instincts kicked in and with almost child like enthusiasm he wanted to identify the species that I was showing him. What was interesting was that he was bang on about all of them and knew the scientific names which even I didnt know. He truly is the greatest naturalist on earth. I got some books written by him signed.


  1. Anonymous · October 27, 2008 Reply

    >It was really wonderful. His naturalist side kicked in and took it as a >challenge to identify some of the birds and mammals that I was showing him
    Sounds like a very humble man! Thanks for sharing your experience.

    Question for you. Did visit the link you had in your prior entry.
    >On Wednesday 22nd October in Bristol, at a glittering ceremony, actress and >comedienne Joanna Lumley and television presenter Steve Leonard presented >Wildscreen’s infamous Panda Awards to the world’s best wildlife and >environmental filmmakers.

    Is the “infamous” part a typo or was this a razzies type award ceremony?

  2. admin · October 27, 2008 Reply

    The awards themselves are very serious ones, but I guess since its a very small community and people know each other, they decided to take a dig at it I guess 🙂

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