My new mistress

If you have seen the movie Pulp Fiction, you will remember Mr Wolf (Played by Harvey Keitel). He is the guy who comes to clean up the mess in the car. He is the guy whom you call when shit happens. He’s the guy who introduces himself by saying “I’m Winston Wolf, I solve problems”. Well Secuprise, is here to do exactly that.

You can read all the ‘CxO formatted’ info in our website, but basically we are a no bullshit security company. As many of you know, we understand security from ground up and that’s what we are offering. We are not another outfit filled with auditors who spend all their time doing port scans on your network.

Infact we are concentrating ourselves in the other areas which people normally totally ignore – Application and Data security using the right balance of People, Process and Technology. We are basically using our past security experience to solve problems faced by corporates today.

As for the naming contest, no one came out with a good enough name or did but the corresponding domain name was not available.


  1. say_yes04 · August 5, 2005 Reply

    Best of luck for your venture dude, go, go go 🙂

  2. vinay_ks · August 5, 2005 Reply

    All the best Kallu!:-)
    You’re one cool dude man:-)

  3. zeeshanmn · August 5, 2005 Reply

    Kalyan, way to go! I checked out your site: an observation, on the services page, there is an Application Protection Suite grid, which when clicked (as it is hyperlinked) goes to the index page. Is this intentional?

  4. jackol · August 5, 2005 Reply

    All the best, dude!

  5. ggollerkeri · August 5, 2005 Reply

    Exciting times, and I’m sure you’ll do just fine! Pardon my checking, but the photo on the homepage is one of yours, correct?

  6. sankup · August 5, 2005 Reply

    All the Best dude.

  7. madhav · August 5, 2005 Reply

    Hey, good luck! Maybe we can do business sometime, so don’t go away.

  8. admin · August 5, 2005 Reply

    Yep indeed. Will post a hi-res version of it later in the blog. One of my fav bird pics 🙂

  9. admin · August 5, 2005 Reply

    We should 🙂

    When I looked at your company website, thats the 1st thing that popped up in my head.

  10. admin · August 5, 2005 Reply

    Well, there will be detailed info soon. The site is still very basic and we are yet to add lot of contents to it. But it will come soon

  11. shoan · August 5, 2005 Reply

    All the best dude.

  12. praveenkumarg · August 5, 2005 Reply

    All the Best for your venture…

  13. inthing · August 5, 2005 Reply

    Best wishes man. You are doing good things!

  14. deepsan · August 5, 2005 Reply

    all the best.
    some quibbling!:
    “Kalyan has been working in the security space for more then 7 years”
    should it be ‘more then’ or ‘more than’?

  15. themadman · August 5, 2005 Reply

    I wish you the best. Being in a startup can be exciting.

    Let me know if you need help of any kind. Maybe you’ll need catering one day when you’re a 100-person company. 😉

    If you need help with the site (you know, usability, interface, IA, etc.), yell. I owe you one anyway.

  16. raghav · August 5, 2005 Reply

    Whoa!!! Great going buddy. All the best with your new venture.

  17. acmurthy · August 5, 2005 Reply

    More power to you!

  18. vipul · August 6, 2005 Reply

    All the best! Go SECUre the enterPRISE! 🙂

  19. Anonymous · August 6, 2005 Reply

    Need any help, let me know. Always around to help a fellow Entrepreneur.

  20. deponti · August 6, 2005 Reply

    Telegram no. 23 or so…..

    May Victory Attend your Enterprise and May Success Crown Your Efforts

  21. 1pari · August 6, 2005 Reply


  22. mannu · August 6, 2005 Reply

    All the best! 😉

  23. ashwinne · August 6, 2005 Reply

    Way to go! May shit happen at companies!

  24. sriniram · August 6, 2005 Reply

    I hope you guys do really well; you deserve it, both of you. It’s really heart warming to see friends start something with this much enthusiasm.

  25. knutties · August 6, 2005 Reply

    All the best for your new venture. Hope you prise open the holes and secure them.

  26. Anonymous · August 7, 2005 Reply

    great name n’ good luck

    afterall u did come up with an amazing name .. 🙂 …. and good luck .. — lacampnou

  27. khorgath · August 7, 2005 Reply

    Love the pic on the main page – perfect. Overall, really clean website, and shows much promise 🙂

    That said, take care not to make “sec stuff” like typos. :p

  28. jessyleen · August 8, 2005 Reply

    nice to have you out there.. :)God bless.

  29. noelladsa · August 8, 2005 Reply

    That happened while talking to a boss if I remember right? Lol!

  30. Anonymous · August 8, 2005 Reply

    Re: great name n’ good luck

    just from a layout perspective … maybe ‘justify alignment’ may seem better than the current ‘left alignment’ for text based data on the website :-). Just a thought. — lacampnou

  31. Anonymous · August 8, 2005 Reply


    once u click on any tabs/links provided there, u can’t get back to the home page.

  32. rpratap · August 9, 2005 Reply

    Congrat, dude. Good luck with the venture 🙂

  33. Anonymous · August 9, 2005 Reply

    All the best

  34. milin · August 10, 2005 Reply


    All the very best…..

    *clink* To the wonderful future of SecuPrise


  35. 1pari · August 19, 2005 Reply

    UPDATE madi 😉

    So what’s new ?? what’s up ??

  36. Anonymous · August 21, 2005 Reply

    Just stumbled across your site. Quite interesting really.
    Congrats on your new venture and all the best for the future.


    p.s: can u refer me into the live journal.

  37. admin · August 21, 2005 Reply

    thank you.
    Anyone can signup for LJ right now without any invites.

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