Kalyan Varma

Photo-essay: Shadows on the Grass

There is one group of plants, which supports the largest masses of wildlife in the world and also supports most of our human populations: grasses. This remarkable plant group covers a fourth of all the land on the earth. Almost 70% of our daily diet is derived from grasses. Rice, wheat, maize, barley, are all species of grass which have been cultivated since the advent of agriculture and selectively bred over the last 10000 years by humans.

Today, grasslands are under assault. They are among the most endangered natural habitats on earth and India is just about holding on to the last remnants.

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5 Responses to “Photo-essay: Shadows on the Grass”

  1. GT says:

    As usual…excellent photo essay kalyan…. extremely well photographed and documented…

  2. Vinit Bajpai says:

    Fantastic and Inspirational Photo Essay. Lets hope it strikes the right chord with people who decide that whether a Grass Land should remains in its pristine form or is ‘developed’ into a monoculture plantation site. Keep up the good work. Stay in Touch.

  3. Sharath says:

    Superb.. a very informative essay… with a collection of great photos..

  4. Siva says:

    Fantastic, Excellent capture (as always) very thought provoking. All the best Kalyan!! Hoping for the best to happen….

  5. Pavittra says:

    I cannot help revisiting the picture of the blackbuck.. the moment has been captured so perfectly.. have no words to describe how perfect.. could imagine myself being there and being awestruck by its sheer magnificence.. ur a Master craftsman Kalyan :)

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