Sleep Problem

I have this real bad sleeping disorder.

If I get even slightly disturbed during the first 30 min of my sleep, I just cannot fall asleep for the next couple of hours. It’s the second time this has happened this week and it’s quite annoying I tell ya. I’ve already tried 3 times to force myself, but it ain’t working. Anyone else has the same problem ?


  1. datla27 · August 2, 2005 Reply

    I ve been there before, numerous times…

    Welcome to the club dude, i had this problem since i will a child. Dont care about the solution since tried a lot of things and none of the doctors I consulted gave me an advise or a treatment that works, I try to make myself comfortable when i sleep (no phones, no windows open, not even yahoo messenger since the tring sound wakes me up )but when it comes i take time to socialize with my friends back in India via messenger until I feel like sleeping again. If your try to force yourself it only gets worse.

  2. Anonymous · August 3, 2005 Reply

    have trouble sleeping?maybe kal u should do some more of that documentation u so “loove” to do when u cant sleep ;-).
    on serious note why are u getting disturbed while u go to sleep?everyone at home sleeps at same time so i bet there no noise or people waking u up,unless ur sleeping hrs are different from others.In that case try sleeping at normal human hrs or close ur door,pull the blinds ,put ear plugs,switch of your mobile and sleep.

  3. knutties · August 3, 2005 Reply

    I have been in the same position many a time and tried forcing myself in vain. Boy! That is the most terrible position to be in. A hot water bath and/or a gentle work out just before you sleep might do wonders.

  4. idea49 · August 3, 2005 Reply

    Hey i’ve been having that too…
    wonder why?

  5. sunson · August 3, 2005 Reply

    Or some “Milk + Honey” OR some Cough Syrup.

  6. fox2mike · August 3, 2005 Reply

    Cough Syrup == Bad Idea. You really don’t want to become dependant on anything to induce sleep.

  7. sunson · August 3, 2005 Reply

    I was about to “suggest” alprazolam :P

  8. fiveonehalf · August 3, 2005 Reply

    It has happened to me too. Forcing myself to sleep never works. Try reading something very boring.
    I have noticed that I have never had a problem falling asleep when I am physically tired. Maybe a workout helps.

  9. fox2mike · August 3, 2005 Reply


    Let’s not zonk out kallu 😉

  10. achitnis · August 3, 2005 Reply

    > If I get even slightly disturbed during the first 30 min of my sleep, I just cannot fall asleep for the next couple of hours.

    Wrong diagnosis, and you know that.

    The body will sleep if it is ready to sleep. If it isn’t ready to sleep, or if there is something stopping it from sleeping, then the slightest excuse will do, and you are up and about.

    A bit of exercise could help, or maybe a walk, but then these days walking in Bangalore is a nightmare, so strike that.

    The reality is – your mind is so full of things, you just aren’t ready to sleep. You know that there is something you should have done, or should be doingm and you haven’t done it yet, and that’s what keeps you awake.

    Set yourself goals – “today I shall finish writing sections 3-5 of the business plan” and you will automatically have the “completed” feeling that will put your mind at rest, and will let your body take over and go to sleep.

    Time management, goals and prioritisation.

    Your body and mind are “companies” too – they need as much “management” as a real company does.

    Take all this from someone who can’t get to sleep every night before 2-3am because he knows there is so much to do, and he doesn’t have much help doing it, so he has to do it all himself, has very little time to do it, and hence falls behind.

  11. say_yes04 · August 3, 2005 Reply

    I have been an insomniac for a long long time. I realized that on days i cant get sleep are days when i cant push thoughts out of my head. This results in not falling asleep in the first 30 minutes and its downhill after that as i constantly ponder on how if i fall asleep now i will get full 6 , 5 , 4 hours sleep and so on. So these days i consciously try not to think about anything when i get into bed just a blank. Thats quite a hard thing to do as i have learnt…

  12. admin · August 3, 2005 Reply


    There have been times, when I’ve havent had sleep for more then 24 hours, and an incident like this kept me up, even thought I was dead tired. Infact I got some good work done and then went to bed last night.

    I wish I was a sound sleeper.. like , who will touch the bed and within 60 seconds, he is snooring.

  13. deponti · August 3, 2005 Reply

    Welcome to the wide-awake world…

    Hope this is a passing phase..if not, well, you are stuck with it. You will always envy the sleepers; you will alternately, get a lot of work done, sigh over the lost hours, use the Internet, think long lonely thoughts….You have to come to terms with your sleeplessness. That’s why I hope this is just a transient phase in your life.

  14. Anonymous · August 4, 2005 Reply

    Try music?

    I found myself wide awake in the middle of the night the other day, but couldn’t leave the room for fear of waking up the baby. I resigned myself to just lying there, but then thought to grab my iPod and listed to my “energitic pop” playlist, and surprisingly enough I found myself getting very tired quickly. Eventually I turned it off and was soon asleep.

    The inability to sleep is often simpley because you can’t get your mind to shut up and slow down. Perhaps just listening to music was enought to do it for me.

    Jeffrey (former Y!)

  15. Anonymous · August 4, 2005 Reply

    I had this problem so I consulted my family physician. He asked whether I watched TV till late night, I said no. He then asked whether I work on my computer till late night, I did.

    He advised me to give myself a fifteen minutes of idle time before going to bed.

  16. prady · August 4, 2005 Reply

    Id say you are too used to being in the forest and sleeping to the sounds of roaring tigers, chattering monkeys,screaching insects and the like.

    Try turning on Discovery Channel when you hit the bed , Im sure you will sleep like a baby :)) .. Hhehe

  17. brainz · August 4, 2005 Reply

    Kalyan, the trick is to make the body dog tired and you will sleep like a log. There were days, when i took off from my home at 1am in my running boots and came back at 1:45 to sleep till next day 10am. 🙂

  18. admin · August 4, 2005 Reply

    Re: Try music?

    I think I should try that. I know few folks, who listen to music everynight, just before they sleep.

  19. 1pari · August 6, 2005 Reply

    had been thru same situation but little bit variation in duration.
    Even now soemtimes feel like that

  20. Anonymous · August 12, 2005 Reply

    Me toooooo

    Hey even I think I have similar problem……After 13 hrs of sleep however I try I cant sleep..Somebody suggest a POA for my prob toooo..But unlike Kalyan I can sleep as soon as I hit the bed..The prob is only after 13 hrs…


  21. Anonymous · October 8, 2005 Reply

    ooh tht exact thing happened to me too yest…n happens al d time.wel i c ppl hav given some really profound explanations..n sheesh neva try alprazolam!:|but say ye’ve jus rid yerself of something stressful then that makes ye relieved n fresh(which prolly explains d post exam sleeplessness)try readin a history text..thtz d best sedative hehee..tho mein kampf waz quite a treat n an interestin read.

  22. Anonymous · February 23, 2006 Reply

    do some yoga/meditation

    Dear Kalyan…i suggest you do some meditation…being in bangalore you may visit to art of living’s course on breathing exercises & a bit of meditation…i bet you’ll not suffer from insomnia anymore…


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