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Jabba the hutt

I’ve been putting my studio equipment to good use lately :)

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  1. Wow Man.. What equipments did u use ??

  2. admin says:

    The usual D70 with the 105mm macro lens.

    I used a softbox on one side and a regular flash with a white towel on it on the other side.

  3. sunson says:

    Yeah, I can see the soft-box on the Frog’s right eye :) It would be nice if you could crop this to something like a wallpaper-like resolution (1600×1200 or so). :) Right now its more like a 70mm screen.

  4. prady says:

    Hehe cool shot !! How did you get the frog to stay there and pose ? :-D

  5. deepsan says:

    The lighting has come out very well, can see what you are talking about in the reflection in the eyes.
    Jabba the Hutt with legs!

  6. kingsly says:

    He promised to kiss and turn it into a beautiful princess ;-)

  7. admin says:

    Will crop it and post it later in the day.

  8. ashwinb says:


    So was a frog?

  9. kingsly says:

    never said that he kept his promise.

  10. klooloola says:


    is it toad ? i hear some of them are very poisonous?

  11. Anonymous says:


    its almost ready to pounce!!
    can actually feel myself waiting for the action!

    Too real and too amazing a pic!!

    Hats off………………….. to the beasty beauty! :pppp

  12. tariquesani says:

    Nice DoF — try the same with the softbox straight on

  13. rohan_kini says:

    awesome ..

    I love the eyes and the texture !!! nice DOF

  14. kingsly says:

    I think deserves it more!

  15. boy! grim faced grouchy.. I loved the colors in this :)

  16. praveenk says:

    Looks like hes posing for you rather resentfully, like a kid forced to pose for pic..:D

  17. ashwinb says:

    You know, your life expectancy just went down by a couple of years.

  18. ashwinb says:

    Hang on, you started it! I was *confused*.

  19. admin says:

    Re: Poisonus?

    None of the frogs/toads in India are poisonous. It’s only the south american ones that are deadly

  20. admin says:

    Re: OMG

    this guy was just a lazy dude. Didnt want to get up at all.

  21. admin says:

    Now that will be really boring dude.. If that were the case, I could have used the on board flash itself :)

  22. admin says:

    I was suprised by the colors myself. Feels like velvia film :)

  23. admin says:

    believe it or not.. he kept on turning towards the light.. and I was trying to make him look towards me. :)

  24. kingsly says:

    I was talking about the frog… you were the one that dragged into it.

  25. _lv_ says:

    He scared me.. hahaha He has nice combinations of colors.. an idea for a new dress.. haha.. kalyan again wonderful pic.. aaa did you touch it..? yaaack..

  26. ashwinb says:

    Oh please! If I hadn’t taken the bait, you would have ended up replying with the same. ;-p

  27. deponti says:

    He really toad the line…

    Lovely picture. I posted the link to who is a great Star Wars fan…glad to see that you are still keeping up with your photography. .Subjects us as this may not be “wild”…but they are “life” forms in all their vivid variety!

    BTW…how do YOU think the myth about toads having “jewels in their heads” originated? I have read of this myth in many cultures…..

  28. Anonymous says:

    too gud a shot.. u hav some real talents man..
    gr8 going.. keep it up..


  29. eppendorfs says:

    Amazing, i could actually see the skin in great detail!
    You should have included some info about it. It would have been a great read.

  30. tariquesani says:

    Dude there is lot of difference between an onboard flash and a soft box :)

  31. admin says:

    Nopes, I still disagree. Can you show me an example where this can work ?

  32. admin says:

    I did touch the toad. Was eeeky to start off, but was quite ok

  33. tariquesani says:

    Yes – take a look at my Velvet mite picture http://tariquesani.net/image/1274

    This is a trick I borrowed from glamour photography where photographers use a single huge octa that gives a uniform diffused light with enough dispersion to lighten the shadows. The softbox light will not give the harsh shadows which you will otherwise find with straight flash.

    All I am saying is just try it next time dude – not stealing your thunder :) :)

  34. admin says:

    I still think the shadows are flat here. It might go well on a person, but not for other subject.. even your mite shot, it would have been more interesting with side lighting.

    hehe this is not about stealing my thunder.. just good ol tech fights :)

  35. tariquesani says:

    The other mite shots are with sidelight and reflector – see which ones are better. In fact the only better thing I can recommend is a ring flash with a softbox reflector – I don’t know where you get that but it is pretty funky setup – looks like those laserguns from old SciFi serials

  36. fiery_fiona says:

    Re: OMG

    I dint know u need lazy creatures for the most amazing pics!!

    i m truly in awe of this shot of urs!


  37. jbritto says:

    He’s beautiful. I have this on my desktop now. In fact, I just realized that my other computer’s desktop also has a photo by you! Hope you dont mind.

  38. ashwinb says:

    I had the same for the longest time. :-)

  39. brainz says:

    The idea of blown up picture of this sitting right behind the chair above the head in the office excites me. ;/

  40. idea49 says:

    Its an excellent job at that then!! really..lovely fellow..what’s he called? i mean the species or sub species?

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