The Anamalais Woody Plant Database

The main objectives were to:
  • Arrive at a list of woody plant species for the Anamalais
  • Compile information for these plants of relevance to the restoration project: their phenology, habitat, altitude and locations that they occur in the Anamalai's landscape
The database is restricted to woody plants, angiosperms as well as gymnosperms. The geographical limits of the Anamalai landscape used in this database are the same as those defined by Fischer (1921). The woody plant species list has been compiled from published sources on the flora of the Anamalais (Fischer 1921, Vajravelu and Joseph 1971, Ayyappan and Parthasarathy 1999, Muthuramkumar and Parthasarathy 2000) and with inputs from people who have worked in this landscape recently (Nandini Rajamani, Priya Balasubramanium, Divya Mudappa, Shankar Raman). The taxonomy and nomenclature is as per the Botanical Survey of India's Flora of Tamil Nadu (Nair and Henry 1983, Henry et al. 1987, Henry et al. 1989). For each plant - the family, genus, species, sub-species, variety or other epithets when reported has been included. The database also contains information on generic, specific and epithet names used in Gamble's and Fischer's flora to facilitate referencing of these sources. While all the information that is available in Fischer's Anamalai flora has been compiled and entered (habitat, altitude, phenology), Gamble has been referred to only for certain fields (form, economic importance). Information from other published sources on woody plants from the Anamalais has also been incorporated wherever possible (Vajravelu and Joseph 1971, Ayyappan and Parthasarathy 1999, Nandini Rajamani pers.comm) . Care has been taken to ensure that the source of the information is recorded along with the data.

Soumya Prasad, Divya Mudappa, T R Shankar Raman

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