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This website is my private personal space on the web. Here you'll find information about me, the stuff I do , stuff I like and some interesting links. This site will always be under construction. So dont crib about broken or missing links.

:: Credits & Thanks

    I would like thank Atul Chitnis, for helping me get the domain name ( with discount on it ) , for letting me use his servers resources, for helping me with the site UI. He also helped me sort out all the mumbo-jumbo involved with licenses, and corrected me with my "free for all" license statement.

    Special thanks to Mrinal and jace. For letting me host my site on his server for couple of months before I moved to paid hosting.

    Right now the site is hosted at symonds.net. If you are considering webhosting, then you should look here. Excellent service with very low prices and ofcourse you get ssh access. :)
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    The contents of this site are my own personal views, and dont represent any organisation or company that I work for or affiliated to. Also the information in this site can be inaccurate. So dont come and sue me later.
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    Copyright ©1980-2004 Kalyan Varma. All Rights Reserved

Copyright ©1980-2004 Kalyan Varma. All Rights Reserved