Kalyan Varma

I am a specialist wildlife cameraman, working in natural history, science and environment films. For over more than a decade, I have worked with various international production companies and broadcasters to make natural history films. I have experience in both blue chip natural history sequence building as well as presentor led formats. You can see my showreel below to see a sample of my work.

My experience also includes working with drones, high-speed cameras and Gimbals. My work has been nomited for Wildscreen (Green Oscars) and also won in Jackson Hole Big cat film festival.

Kalyan Varma Showreel

This is a 4 year old showreel. Updated one coming up soon

Aerial Showreel

Sequence from BBC Big Cats

Over the last few years, I have been working on various nature documentaries for many international productions. I freelance with BBC Natural History unit and National Geographic Channel and other indipendent production companies like Icon films, Tigress Productions and Off the fence. I have played various roles in the productions including director of photography, assistant producer, photographer, researcher and sound recordist for national and international productions in the last few years. Some of the films I have worked on are listed below:

Behind the scenes

Broadcasters and Indie production companies that I have worked with


Nat Geo Wild

Discovery Channel

Animal PlanetC


Humble bee
Blue Ant Media


Nat Geo Wild
Discovery Channel
Off the Fence

Wildlife Organisations

Blue Ant Media

Nat Geo Wild

Elephant Family
Snow Leopard Trust