Following the Rains of Life

If you are from India, you know that the monsoons are the lifeline of the country. It brings joy and celebration to the land, the people, and most of all, the wildlife. Over ten meters of rain falls in the Western Ghats in this season transforming the land completely. Many plants fruit now, all the frogs emerge out, mate and lay their eggs and all the birds would have finished nesting just in time so that the hatchlings have plenty of insects to feed on. Every year, I spend the monsoons up in the hills to really experience it fully….

Great Hornbill Scape

I have always wanted to photograph hornbills with the rainforest canopy in which they live in. I am in general a fan of animal in its habitat kinda photography and yesterday I was lucky enough to photograph this in Anamalais tiger reserve. There were two of them and they kept on hopping from one tree to another. Because of the rains and the clouds, the light was very low and this is one of the sharpest photograph that I could actually manage. Frankly did not expect to see too many Great Hornbills during the monsoons, but wildlife always throws those…

National Geographic Photography Workshop

If you are in Bangalore this weekend, then do swing by for a 2 hour free workshop on Photography which I’m doing with National Geographic. More details here. The exhibit of the winners of the Nat Geo Moment Awards will be displayed for rest of the day at the British Council after the workshop.

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